Full service payroll for small businesses

Fully Automated Payroll Processing by a CPA

We offer a simple, all-inclusive fee structure for all the services provided.  No unexpected extras.  You will know exactly what your payroll costs will be. We use state of the art payroll software that can handle any payroll challenge.  You'll receive the benefits of personalized attention from a knowledgeable CPA that you can't get from any service bureau: our payroll service fees are also highly competitive.  Our complete payroll service supports a wide range of pay types and schedules and a full array of electronic services including direct deposit, e-payment for payroll tax deposits and electronic filing of your quarterly and year-end payroll reports and W-2's.  We will e-mail you when it is time to submit employee hours and you may e-mail, call or text your employee hours.  We also offer access to our top of the line payroll software for those who want to enter their own data at a reduced price.


Clock In, Clock Out and process payroll with Time Clock Integration. Stop entering employees’ payroll hours twice and doubling your chance for errors.
Now you can simply import payroll information from your time and attendance system into our software, saving time and vastly reducing the potential for data entry errors.

Available as a monthly or per-payroll subscription, Time Clock Integration works in conjunction with your existing time clock software or system to incorporate your employees' time and attendance information into RunPayroll. It allows you simple, per-pay-period exports that take seconds to complete, and the integration supports both hourly and salaried employees’ payroll hours.

Time Clock Integration provides you:

  • Simple, per-pay-period import of time clock records.

  • Support for hourly and salaried employees’ payroll hours.

  • Convenient monthly or per-payroll subscription options.

  • Integration with the most widely used time clock providers.

Payroll Services

From advanced online technology, to attentive payroll professionals, you won’t have to worry about payroll. We offer full-featured online payroll for your business.  Your payroll will be processed and your payroll taxes filed and paid in just minutes.

Count on us to:

  • Calculate wages and deductions.

  • Deduct, file and pay all federal, state and local payroll taxes automatically.

  • Pay your employees by direct deposit or print checks yourself.

  • Provide comprehensive online reports that you can access any time.

  • Keep up with changing tax laws to help you avoid costly IRS fines.


Why Us? Why pay more for traditional payroll providers? Our comprehensive solution is simple, and our pricing structure is easy-to-understand. There are no hidden fees or add-on costs.  No tricks.


We provide your employees with:

  • The option for direct deposit or manual checks.

  • Email notices to let them know when they’ve been paid.

  • Secure online access to their individual pay stubs and payroll history.


Additional Benefits

  • You save time with our simple process that takes just minutes.

  • Your taxes are managed completely by us – there’s no work for you.

  • You have 24/7 access to online payroll reports.

  • You save money with an affordable service and can pay your independent contractors (1099s) on the same payroll as your employees. 

  • We will do everything or you can enter payroll whenever and wherever you want with our online system at a reduced montly fee.

  • We’ll help to ensure you never miss a pay period. We’ll send you email reminders when it’s time to process.

  • With employee online access to their individual payroll information, you won’t have to manage and distribute payroll data to your employees.

  • With our accounting integration, you can import payroll information into a general ledger to save time and reduce entry errors.

With our service you don’t have to download or worry about upgrading software. Get professional support, even with everything online, you have access to payroll professionals Monday through Friday by phone, email or online live chat.