Partnership tax return

"Michael has been extremely professional and timely while preparing our taxes. He has always come through with what he says he will do."


Santa Barbara CPA

"Good working knowledge of tax laws and return preparation.  Well organized, pays attention to detail, timely"


Individual, Form 1040 taxpayer

"Mike came to my rescue a few years back and unraveled a bunch of disconnected papers that served as my tax records. He was able to get this mess in order and get me a refund, leaving me with a word of advise. Keep good records! I wouldn't hesitate to use Mike again."


Former employer

"Michael worked part time for us for the past few years. His thoroughness is excellent and his work ethic is great. I would not hesitate hire him back."


Another Santa Barbara CPA

"Mike is both a capable small business accountant and experienced tax preparer"


S-Corporation taxpayer and QuickBooks users

"I highly recommend Michael Evans. His tax preparation services and accounting skills are outstanding. Thanks to Mike's vast knowledge of our accounting program he has saved us money by implementing various tools within the program we were not using and integrating it with our tax preparation needs. You can count on Mike to do the same for you!"


Form 1040 tax return client

Mike is a very knowledgeable accountant and a pleasure to work with.


Form 1040 tax return client

Mike Evans handled my tax return for 2014 and I have nothing but praise for him! After years of paying too much to my previous CPA, who year-after-year completed my 1040s using my current income and previous year's information -- and not much more, Mike went above and beyond to find me deductions and loopholes (these quotes are word for word however I wish my client didn't use the word "loopholes".  What I did was take the time to learn about her situation and knew of some legitimate tax codes that allowed legal deductions she was unaware of) I didn't know existed. For example, I moved to a new city and started a new job last year, and he informed me that moving and storage expenses could be claimed for both me and my 18-year-old daughter. His knowledge about tax law and thorough examination of my current situation saved me literally hundreds on my return. Also, he's just about the kindest person I've ever had the pleasure of working with. See you next year, Mike!

Happy Tax Client - He Got a Refund
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